Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District

200 E. 1st St. Bonham, TX 75418
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Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District


200 E. 1st St., Bonham, Texas 75418

C. W. Jones, Chairman
Billy Partridge, Vice Chairman
Leon Bowman, Secretary-Treasurer
Harvey Milton, Member
David Keene, Member

Randy Moore, District Conservationist
Steve Deckard, Soils Cons. Technician
John Hartwell, Technician
Mary Jane Godwin, District Secretary


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Number 2-1

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The Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District hosted a reception for Leon Bowman on April 13 to honor his 17 years of dedicated service as a member of the Fannin SWCD. A host of friends and family came by to visit with Leon and reminisce about the “good ole days”.  He was presented with an engraved gold watch and a pictorial certificate of appreciation and many good wishes for the coming years.

“Will Rogers, the famous Oklahoma humorist once said, “I never met a man I didn’t like”. That is also true of Leon Bowman. Leon has been a friend to everyone he came in contact with and has always lived life to the fullest. Leon is always positive, always helpful with information needed by our farmers and ranchers and sharing his knowledge with others is second nature to him”, stated Carroll Jones, Chairman of the Fannin SWCD.  

Leon became a member of the Board of Directors for the Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District on October 7, 1992, from that day on he was fully engaged in whatever project the district was promoting. Leon was a natural to be on the conservation board as he always had shown appreciation for the natural resources of this great land and he has been a good steward both of the land and of the American way of life. Leon loves to cook and was always front and center when it came to feeding the participants at the fishpond seminars and the teachers workshops.

Leon will be greatly missed by the board and everyone that had the opportunity and pleasure of working with him. Thanks Leon for all the memories and we hope that you will give us many more in the coming years as you attend  the functions of the Fannin SWCD.

Leon shown with family and friends