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C. W. Jones, Chairman
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Leon Bowman, Secretary-Treasurer
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Randy Moore, District Conservationist
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Lanny J. Burnett, Technician
Mary Jane Godwin, District Secretary


Volume 14

Number 3-1

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Fall Conservation Events

Sponsored by:  Lennox Foundation, Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Agri-Life Extension and the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

October 8-11, 2008 Booth at Fannin County Fair (all day) Information regarding conservation programs will be available at no cost. The Fair location will be held at the Multi-Purpose Complex located 1 mile west of Bonham on HWY 56.

October 17, 2008 Forage Tour (1:00pm 5:00pm) Bus will leave the Fannin Courthouse Annex (Car Tag & Extension Office parking lot) at 1:00pm and return by 5:00pm.

            This event will take landowners on a tour of many outstanding forages being grown in the Fannin County and NE Texas area in recent years.  We will view forages such as; B-Dahl Old World Bluestem, Alamo Switchgrass, Indiangrass, Big Bluestem, Tifton 9 Bahiagrass, Giant Bermudagrass, Tifton 85 Bermudagrass, Common Bermudagrass and others.  We will examine these various forages and discuss the management requirements for each.  There is no cost to attendees for this program.  You must call to reserve a seat on the bus.

October 21, 2008 Landowner Rights in Regard to Condemnation and Landowner Liability (6:00pm 9:45pm), a seminar by Judon Fambrough, attorney Texas A&M Real Estate Center. 

Program will be held at the Family Life Center located at the corner of 8th Street and Star Street in Bonham, TX.  Program begins at 6:00pm with a BBQ meal.  There will be a $15 reservation fee for this meeting.  This program is aimed at addressing many of the questions recently occurring in our and adjacent counties in regards to condemnation and landowner liability.  Please make your reservations early, as there will be limited seating for this seminar.

Mr. Fambrough is a senior lecturer and attorney at law with the Texas Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.  He has held a joint appointment with the Agricultural Economics Department where he taught a class in Oil and Gas Law and also one in Agricultural Law.

Mr. Fambrough served in Vietnam as a forward observer where he earned the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and two purple hearts. He used his G.I. Bill to attend law school. 

Mr. Fambrough has been the attorney for the Texas Real Estate Center for the past 31 years.  He has authored over 300 articles regarding Texas real estate law. One of his prime objectives is to inform landowners about their property rights and tell them how to best protect and utilize those rights.

            The first major topic would be Condemnation.  In this regard, he will address the process of condemning land as it is now being conducted in Texas.  He will examine the statute and case law surrounding the process and HB 2006 that the Governor vetoed last session. After discussing the process, he will then look at what landowners should attempt to negotiate in lieu of condemnation to insure their property rights are protected when confronted with (1) pipeline condemnation, (2) condemnation of lake property and (3) condemnation of transmission lines.

 The next major topic would be landowner liability.  Here, he will discuss the case law regarding the duties landowners owe to persons on their property starting with invitees through trespassers.  He will place special emphasis on the duty owed to minors.  After that, he will detail how Chapter 75 of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Act has changed the common law as it applies to recreational guests.  Finally, he will conclude with a discussion of waivers and the assumption-of-the-risk documents.  Basically, what are they and how should they be used.

 October 24, 2008 North Texas Wildlife Expo (8:00am 3:30pm)

            Topics will include:  Animal damage control (beavers, feral hogs and nutria), hunting laws and regulations, deer, turkey and quail management plus food plot information, antler restrictions, grants and cost-share to assist with wildlife management, booths from area merchants and other valuable wildlife information.  There will be guest speakers from the Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Agri-Life Extension, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District to address all the above topics.  There will be a lunch meal.  Program begins at 8:00am with registration and will end at 3:30pm.  There is no cost to attendees for this program.  Please call to reserve a seat and meal for this program.

 Call the Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District or USDA-NRCS office to make reservations for any of the above programs:  903-583-9513 x3 or email