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Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District




C. W. Jones, Chairman
Billy Partridge, Vice Chairman
Leon Bowman, Secretary-Treasurer
Harvey Milton, Member
David Keene, Member

Sam Stewart, Team Leader
Randy Moore, District Conservationist
Steve Deckard, Soils Cons. Technician
Derrell "Bear" Reed, Technician
Mary Jane Godwin, District Secretary


Volume 12

Spring 2006

Number 4-1

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Farmer/Rancher Drought Program

North/Northeast Texas Area

August 17, 2006


Bonham High School Cafeteria


(6:00 pm) -                             Welcome: Carroll Jones, Chairman, Fannin SWCD 

                                            Invocation and Meal

(6:45 pm 7:05 pm)           Drought Overview Chris Schraeder, Texas Cooperative


(7:05 pm 7:40 pm)            Drought Economics Price and Tax Implications

                                    Steve Swigert Agricultural Economist, Noble Foundation

 (7:40 pm 8:10 pm)            Livestock Management During a Drought Feeding Strategies and Culling Criteria, Forage Poisoning: Nitrate, Prussic Acid, Aflatoxin, Evan Whitley, Ph.D. Livestock Specialist and Team Manager, Noble Foundation

 (8:10 pm 8:30 pm)            How we can help reduce stress on wildlife in a drought Wes Littrell, Texas Parks and Wildlife - Biologist

 (8:30 pm 9:00 pm)            Drought Effects on Plants; next seasons growth & Planning for Winter Pasture - James Locke, Soils & Crop Specialist, Noble Foundation

 (9:00 pm 9:10 pm)            Alternative Sources of Water, (Handout) Randy Moore, District Conservationist, USDA-NRCS

 (9:10 pm 9:15 pm)              Noble Foundation Overview Evan Whitley, Noble Foundation

 (9:15 pm 9:30 pm)            Questions

RSVP by Tuesday, August 15, for meal reservations

 903-583-9513x3 Conservation Office or 583-7453 Extension Office


Meal Sponsors:  Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District, American Bank, Agriland Farm Credit Services, Fannin Bank, First National Bank of Trenton & Bonham State Bank.

Program Planners:  Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Noble Foundation, Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.