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Volume 12

Fall 2005

Number 2-1

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To Plant or NOT to Plant, That is the Question!
By:  Randy Moore, Conservationist/Biologist

Drought conditions, lack of deep moisture, and poorly prepared seedbeds make it questionable if we should try to plant native grasses and old world bluestems this year.  Bermudagrass which is not planted until April may be OK if we continue to get rains.

The key to successful stands of grass is good seedbeds, proper planting methods, proper planting dates and rainfall.    We can control all of these but the last.  In order to make a good judgment call on whether or not to plant we need to evaluate the soil moisture and the depth of soil moisture.  If you have good moisture down to a 36 inch depth you are in pretty good shape for planting.  Now the question is; is your seedbed in good shape?  Native grasses need to be planted from December to March.  Old World Bluestems need to be planted from December to April.  If your seedbed is not prepared and ready to plant you may be too late for planting this year.  If we continue to get rains and you get your seedbed in good condition, plant.

If you are in a Government Program like EQIP to plant grass, we need to inspect the seedbed before planting. We also need to measure the field with our GPS equipment.  Soil Test are required to be sent to Texas A&M Soils Labs.  You will not be eligible for fertilizer reimbursement if you do not apply your establishment fertilizer according to Texas A&M lab results.  You can pick up soil bags at the NRCS or Extension offices.

 If you are in a program and do not believe you will be able to plant, give us a call or drop by and we will see if we can extend your grass planting to the next planting season.

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