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Volume 12

Summer 2005

Number 1-3

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Wildlife Management/Tourism Seminar

Was held in September, 2005

We had a great lineup of speakers for this year’s annual wildlife program.  We explored some of the economic benefits of a wildlife/nature based enterprise.  The program provided landowners with an overview of nature-based business opportunities, wildlife habitat management, federal programs for habitat improvements, and discussed important issues such as liability, and insurance concerns.  Several short presentations helped landowners identify where their niche may be; prepare to set up a business, identify ways of working with your local business community, and provide valuable insights from the “real world” experience of other landowners.  The Seminar included a BBQ sandwich lunch with all the trimmings provided by Fannin Co. 4-H Youth who will be attending the National 4-H Leadership Conference in Washington DC.  The Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District, Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service hope you enjoyed this year’s wildlife seminar.

 Following is a title brief of the topics covered at the seminar:

“Nature Tourism"
Shelly Plante with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“Landowner Liability”
Rick Scott Farm Bureau


“Wildlife Habitats, USDA Programs”
Ricky Linex, Wildlife Biologist, with the
USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.


“Marketing Rural North Texas”

Bill Jones, Executive Director, city of Bonham,
Director of Marketing, Bonham Area chamber of Commerce.


“Potential Fannin County Wildlife Tourism”
Presented by Randy Moore, Chris Schraeder
and West Littrell (Ag/Wildlife Team)


“Red River County Real World Experience”
J.W. Smith of Clarksville, TX.


Approximately 70 people attended the Wildlife Management/Tourism Seminar and Bar-B-Que Lunch.

 Seminar Planners were Wes Littrell – TPWD; Chris Schraeder – TCES; Randy Moore – USDA-NRCS