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C. W. Jones, Chairman
Billy Partridge, Vice Chairman
Leon Bowman, Secretary-Treasurer
Harvey Milton, Member
David Keene, Member

Sam Stewart, Team Leader
Randy Moore, District Conservationist
Steve Deckard, Soils Cons. Technician
Derrell "Bear" Reed, Technician
Mary Jane Godwin, District Secretary


Volume 12

Summer 2005

Number 1-2

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Cost Share Program for 2005


 A cost share program for grass planting, brush control and cross fencing has been approved for 2005. Sign up for this program in now underway. There has been no deadline set for sign up yet but we expect it to be soon, so if you are interested in this program you need to contact the USDA-NRCS right away.

 A Conservation meeting was held on November 16, 2004 to determine what conservation practices would be considered for the 2005 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).  Persons representing the Fannin County SWCD, Fannin County Committee, Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Farm Service Agency, and Natural Resources Conservation Service were present.

 Randy Moore, District Conservationist/Wildlife Biologist with the USDA-NRCS office served as facilitator of the meeting.

 Plant Health was recommended as the Resource Concern to be addressed with 2005 funds.

 Practices considered as eligible for payment include grass planting, brush management and cross fencing.

 Brush Management will be carried out only in conjunction with grass planting just as in 2004.

 Fences will be cross fences (either standard or electric) and the producer must provide water in each of the fields before the fence will be certified for payment.  Fences will be constructed only to distribute grazing in established pastures or pastures being established.  Pastures dividing native grasses will rank higher that those dividing introduced grasses. Fences constructed in cropland will not be considered.

 A maximum limit per application of 100 acres of grass planting or 100 acres of brush control in conjunction with grass planting for cost share was recommended.

 If you are interested in grass planting, brush management in conjunction with grass planting, and/or cross fencing contact the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service at 903-583-9513 x3 or 200 E. First Street Rm14, Rm 6, or Rm 7, Bonham, TX  for more information or the sign up for the program.