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Volume 11

Spring 2005

Number 4-1

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Texas Woodland/Wildlife Contest

Carol Brinlee, Katerina Brinlee, James Moore, Erin Michaud, and Aleha Michaud members of the Woodland Judging Team from Fannin County recently won first place in the Texas State Forestry contest. They pitted their skills against the best 4-H and FFA teams in the State of Texas. This team faced about 300 youngsters from 45 East Texas schools.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service, State Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and Stephen F. Austin State University School of Forestry sponsor the State Woodland Clinic each year.

In order to qualify for the state competition, woodland teams had to place first or second in local woodland clinics, which are held throughout East Texas during the spring. These clinics are sponsored by the local Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

In the local contests, students have opportunities to train and talk with professional foresters who are involved with the management of company, public, and private forestlands. FFA advisors and 4-H leaders train the students in several areas of forest science. Then the students practice many hours preparing themselves for the contests. This exposure is important to any young person, but to those considering forestry as a possible career, this kind of experience can be extremely valuable.

The Soil and Water Conservation Districts have four primary objectives for the woodland clinic:

  1.  Familiarize young people with the efforts of conservation districts and to stress the proper use of woodlands.

  2. Develop an awareness and understanding of the value of properly managed woodlands, promote a greater appreciation for the renewable forest resources, and emphasize that forests are dependent upon the soil resource.

  3. Teach young people the methods of developing and managing good commercial woodlands.

  4. Teach youth the multiple use values of forests, which can be managed for wildlife, wood products, recreation, and other uses.

To accomplish these objectives, the woodland clinic is divided into thirteen separate events, each addressing a particular forestry skill or art.

Students are tested on hardwood tree ID, wildlife browse plants, pine ID, rate of growth, selective thinning, tree volume measurement, wood products, wood ID from blocks of wood, site index, cull tree removal/TSI, site management concerns, pine regeneration, and a compass and pacing course.  Students have earned the equivalent of a mini-degree in forestry and wildlife after completing this 4-H project. 

This project was made possible by the support of the Fannin Soil & Water Conservation District and the Lennox Foundation.  For more information contact the Fannin SWCD, USDA-NRCS or the Fannin County Cooperative Extension Service.