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Volume 10

Spring 2004

Number 4

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Bermudagrass-A Success Story

Porter and Dortha Reeves are proud of the good growth on this 24 acre field of common/giant Bermuda grass mix.  The grass was planted on April 27, 2004 and the photo made on June 4, 2004.  That’s thirty-eight days from first ground contact of the seed to twelve inches of growth.

 This is an EQIP plan in the Leonard area.

To learn more about grass production, Dortha and Porter Reeves (center) attended the Noble Foundation tour on June 22.  They pay close attention as Jerry Baker, Noble Foundation grass research scientist, explains the results of the Bermuda test plots.  The eight year (1996-2003) average yield results show Tifton 85 averaging 9,036 lbs. with an average crude protein of 12.9% and Coastal yielding 8,476 lbs. with crude protein at 13.0%.



Dortha and Porter stop Shan Ingram, Noble Foundation researcher, with a question concerning the “seeded” Bermudagrass varieties on the left.

 Average yields of  these test plots are:

                    Yield         Crude Protein
Giant                 8,255 lbs.               14.9%
Cheyenne         7,377 lbs.               13.9%
Ranchero Frio  7,163 lbs.               14.0%
Common          6,259 lbs.                14.6%
Wrangler          6,166 lbs.                 15.0%